Why Pursue a Career as a Truck Driver: Job Security

March 01, 2018

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Did you know trucking is the most popular job in 29 states?

That’s right, in over half of the United States trucking makes up a majority of full-time working adults.

When other blue-collar jobs have disappeared due to automation and globalization, trucking careers have remained accessible and secure. This, coupled with the high-demand of workers, has only propelled trucking’s job security.

While most coverage of trucking comes down to conversations about the driver shortage, we’re here to tell you that the shortage has only opened up more career opportunities. What may sound like a bad thing, turns out to be one of the best things that could happen for those looking to get involved in trucking.

Defining the Growth in Driver Opportunities

If you’ve looked into truck driving as a career, you’ve probably noticed that just about any state has more than a handful of opportunities to become a driver.


The industry is sitting in a peculiar place where a few factors have intensified a high-demand market.

  1. Industry growth
  2. Shortage of drivers
  3. Aging workforce

While you may hear a lot about the driver shortage, you may miss the major cause, which is the massive growth trucking has gone through. 80% of goods are moved by truck, and the industry is expected to see a 21% growth through 2020.

This, coupled with a growing economy, has created the need for more trucking jobs and an increase in the transportation of goods across the United States. Growth (while great for the industry) has only exacerbated the driver shortage, widening the gap between how many jobs are available and how many drivers can fill the positions.

An aging population sits as the final piece of the puzzle. The average driver is 49 years old, and many older drivers are starting to retire. All of this has opened up the market for younger, new drivers to join the industry and start trucking.

Open Positions Mean Job Security in Trucking

With so many opportunities and available positions, the industry needs drivers. At Solar Transport, we are in a constant state of recruiting more drivers to meet the needs of the growing industry and our growing company. This gives those seeking a new career the assurance that their job is, and will be, secure.

Knowing your job is in high-demand also means you have the opportunity to choose the right company. There’s mobility; you can decide which company has the right benefits to fit your needs.

Choosing the Best Trucking Company To Work For

With high industry demand, there are companies throwing out all sorts of incentives to attract drivers. These incentives can be tantalizing, especially when offered thousands of dollars as a signing bonus (something we also do). Salary and bonuses are important, but we suggest you also look for the differences and values a company has to offer before making any decisions. For instance, you may accept a job with high earning potential, but a schedule that doesn’t allow you to enjoy it.

Evaluate the whole benefits package and look at the way a company treats its workers. They may pay well, but do they treat you with respect? They may have great benefits, but do they make you drive cross-country? You must think through every facet of the job before signing the dotted line.

At Solar Transport, we take our values seriously and still stick to the things that have brought us from a one truck operation in Hampton, Iowa, to a national, 200+ truck organization today.

We treat our drivers with respect and value integrity. We do the right thing, even when it’s difficult or takes going the extra mile. We believe in building a team made up of excellent, passionate individuals who take pride in their work.

We offer a comprehensive package that provides the best of every world. With safety as a priority, possibility for advancement, salary increases and the promise that you will sleep in your own bed, we take pride in our benefits at Solar Transport.

How To Become a Truck Driver

Your first step in becoming a truck driver starts with a Class A commercial driver’s license, commonly known as a CDL. A CDL is required for any tractor-trailer job and has a few requirements attached to it. You must be 21 years old and have a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) for at least 14 days before qualifying for the CDL.

Because of the requirements and road tests required for a CDL, most applicants turn to truck driving schools, like the comprehensive SAGE, or a truck driving program. These programs teach you the necessary skills and offer the proper instruction to earning your CDL.

Each trucking company will have different requirements, so there may be additional steps you have to take after earning your CDL. At Solar Transport, because of our cargo and standards, we require 18 months of verifiable tractor-trailer experience in the most recent three years as well as hazmat and tanker endorsements.

We know these are more requirements than other companies, but it’s these qualifications that ensure we have high-quality, talented individuals on the Solar Transport team.

Joining The Trucking Industry

Hopefully after reading this, you can see that trucking is a field full of many opportunities. The driver shortage gives more power back to the driver and those looking to join the industry.

If you’re an experienced driver and looking to join a new company, take a look at our open positions to see if you’re a good fit. We have positions all across the United States and are always looking for qualified drivers.