Q & A With 2nd Place Winner Jerry Farnsworth

June 17, 2019

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It’s that time of the year again, state truck driving championships are happening all over the country. Our
Solar Transport Driver Jerry Farnsworthdriver recruiting manager, Denis Chilton, recently chatted with the 2nd place finisher in the tank division for the state of Missouri, our own Jerry Farnsworth. Jerry has been employed with Solar Transport for seven and a half years and has been a driver since 1989.   

D.C: First, congratulations on your second place finish. That’s a great accomplishment! How many years have you been competing in the truck driver championships? 

Jerry: Thank you. This was my fourth year. In 2015, I finished seventh. In 2016 I finished second and just missed first by four points! 2017 I finished fifth and I didn’t compete in 2018. This year I finished in second again. I really wanted to win first place for myself and for Solar Transport. 

D.C: Jerry, why do you compete? 

Jerry: I have a competitive nature. There’s a sense of pride. Pride in your company and in what you do along with the industry you represent. It’s also a prestigious event. There are representatives from the ATA along with officers from the Missouri Highway Patrol. Overall it’s a fun but serious event. Drivers bring their family members along. I really enjoy the camaraderie amongst the drivers. 

D.C: What would you say to someone who has never competed in the truck driver championships? 

Jerry: It’s funny you ask, I spoke with a driver the other day about that. I told him when you go in there the first time relax and enjoy it. Once you get in there and get going the nerves go away. It is an opportunity to prove yourself. If you are competitive once to try it you go back again. 

D.C: Does entering the truck driving championships help you in day to day work life? 

Jerry: Yes, it helps make you want to be safer and think more about safety. If you have a preventable accident you can’t participate in the following competition. Also, reading and studying the book for the written test helps refresh your mind on the rules and regulations. 

D.C: Jerry, again congrats on your second place finish, any last words for us?  

Jerry: Thank you and thank you Solar Transport for the opportunity to represent the company at the Missouri Truck Driver Championships. The other day I told Jesse (Jesse Robertson regional operations manager for the south) I really love working for Solar and it’s the best company I have driven for since I began driving in 1989.