Dedicated Contract Carriage with Solar

Why deal with the uncertainty of utilizing multiple carriers, with multiple invoicing, multiple dispatching, and different drivers with different reporting?

Outsourcing your fuel delivery to Solar Transport results in improvements in all aspects of the fuel delivery supply chain. At Solar, delivering the energy you need is our core competency.

By switching to Solar as your sole provider of services, your company gains all the benefits of a private fleet without the challenge of managing one. Solar's ongoing investment in the best equipment possible, the best drivers, and the latest in technology provides for lower risk, improves overhead, eliminates unnecessary cost and makes capital more available for expansion.

Solar Dedicated Contract Benefits:

  • Performance excellence
  • Solar Transport Inventory management control system
  • Solar driver, Solar truck every day
  • Electronic billing, BOL, Supplier notification
  • Seamless transition ensures no service interruptions

Solar "Delivers the Energy" you have come to depend on.