Private Fleet Transition

Solar Transport can help you be more productive and profitable. When you partner with us, you get all the benefits of a private fleet without the challenges of managing one - lower risk, improved overhead, elimination of unnecessary costs and more capital available for expansion.

Benefits of partnering with Solar:

We create solutions to fit your company's needs - so you can focus on managing your business.

  • Proven, seamless start-up process
  • Guarantees with KPIs designed to ensure accountability-fleet visibility and operations through video telematics.
  • Real-time intelligence and leading-edge technology visibly show you what, where and when for each occurrence
  • Solar Transport inventory management control system with tank-level monitoring
  • Solar driver, Solar truck every day, with dedicated fleet service
  • Single point of contact for customer service
  • Electronic billing, BOL, supplier notification
  • Rapid response team (RRT) to add flexibility in start-ups or seasonal peak periods